PARI Teaser Anushka Sharma’s upcoming supernatural thriller watch video


Bollywood star Anushka Sharma has just appeared on the internet and the clip of a minute is pretty gruesome. Although we had previously seen Anushka in the bruised and bruised from earlier in the cry and the previously released posters, the new teaser gives the viewer a complete picture of Anushka’s disturbing avatar.

From what we could see in the teaser, it seems that the character of Anushka is both the victim and the vessel of the supernatural presence that lurks in the film. Needless to say that Anushka plays both acts. And while the horrible antics of Anushka draw your attention from the beginning, we advise you to hold your breath, especially during the last 30 seconds. She practically leaves you with goosebumps with her bloody face and demonic laughter at the end.