Amazing Moment When Your Uber Driver Surprised The Sh*t Out Of You


Surprises are the most amazing feeling a human can get, it is a moment when something unexpected happens in your life. But it’s not necessary that surprises can always be good! Some surprises are so bad that they destroy your life, makes you feel why such bad things happen to you. Here we have some really amazing moments where the Uber drivers have surprised the shit out of their customers! Read the article to know more….

When they provide you with unexpected facilities!


Imaging you get into a uber cab after a long day and the cab driver provides with loads of unexpected facilities like these, thmust be the best ride of your life.

A Uber driver? No he is God!


When your Uber driver provides you with a long list of the things that you would never expect to get in  the car, the ride may take much more time than it’s expected timings!

When your Uber driver surprises you with this ride!


Imagine you are standing in freezing temperatures, knee deep in snow waiting for your cab to come and suddenly your Uber driver shows up in a Hummer!

Be care full when he says, ‘watch this!’


If you are a regular customer of travelling from Uber, you should keep one thing in mind that when your driver says, ‘watch this!’, jump out of the car immediately! You won’t believe these mind blowing surprises by Uber drivers on next page…….