Suyash Dixit: This Indian Made No Man’s Land His Own Country


Have you ever imagined to build your own country? I don’t think so that anybody would have thought about this thing. Sometimes there are thoughts which cross our minds to do something which is unimaginable but usually, we don’t work upon them and then that thought gets lost in our day to day work. Here is this guy Suyash Dixit who planned something and executed it. Get to know the whole story below, don’t miss out on the map of his country.

A Dangerous Plan


This guy planned to visit a place which was no man’s land and was not claimed by any country. To reach his destination he had to cross Egyptian military (it is an international border) and is an area of terrorists so the military has a shoot at sight orders.

The Conditions To Reach This Place


“If your bucket list ideas are not scary enough then they are not worth trying!” This was what Suyash had to say when he was planning to visit this place. You need permissions to reach to this place since you are crossing the international borders. There were 3 conditions, you don’t take pictures of a military base, come back in a day and should not carry valuables.

He’s Not The First One To Visit


All these things which he did just to reach this location were not just for a visit. He wanted to conquer this land so that we can be the only ruler of this unclaimed area. 4-5 folks have already visited this place but no one claimed this as their land.

To Claim A Unclaimed Land You Need To Plant A Seed


He traveled 319KM (back and forth) in the far desert today without any streets to claim this unclaimed place that is known for Bir Tawil. This 900 sq.miles of land has a place with no nation. It is the main place on earth where people can live and survive yet isn’t a piece of any state/nation. If at all you want to claim a land you need to crop a seed. He did that and claimed this land. Check out the map of his kingdom on the : –>Forbidden Places On The Earth You Are Not Allowed to Visit.